The Support Team

Helen van Tuyll BVSc MRCVs – Vet

Helen graduated from Massey University in 2007 and went straight to Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky.

In 2010, she returned to New Zealand and worked for Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services for a year before returning to the UK and working for Bourton Vale Equine as a stud and sport horse vet.

In 2015, she founded her own equine specialist practise, VT Vets, based in Kirtlington, not far from Aldershot Farm. She has been Izzy’s vet since 2016.

When not tending to clients horses she can be found out on the hunting field and in the Summer months playing some polo.

Bob Livock – Dentist

Bob looks after all of the horse teeth on the yard and is (in our opinion) the best dentist around! The care and time he takes on each horse means that they all have happy mouths.

Charlie Sands – Farrier

All our horses are shod by Charlie Sands. As the adage ‘no foot, no horse’ makes plain, no yard can succeed without the help of a good farrier. Charlie keeps all our horses’ feet in top condition.


Ellen Stanwell DC AMC MMCA – Chiropractor

Ellen is a member of the McTimoney Chiropractor Association. She keeps all the horses free from any tightness and strains in their backs. She comes to the yard on a regular basis to give each horse an MOT so they can remain at optimal performance throughout the event season.

Rachel Greetham BSc (Hons) MCSP, HPC, Category A member ACPAT – Physiotherapy

Rachel founded Equine and Canine Solutions in March 2000, which is now the leading animal physiotherapy practice. Rachel is qualified to treat all animals but specialises in horses and dogs, she also treats humans. Rachel is one of the most respected animal physiotherapists in the country and is the physiotherapist to the British FEI Senior Eventing Team.

Sarah – Competition Nutritionist – Saracen Horse Feeds

Sarah from Saracen Horse Feeds is a key member of the Izzy Taylor Eventing support team. She is always available for advice over the phone or via email and visits the yard regularly to assess the horses and fine-tune their diets to help them deliver the best possible performance. She also ensures that we receive our weekly feed delivery from head office.