The Season Starts – Oasby

Jaegar Master eventing at Oasby 2020

March marks the start of the eventing season for Team Taylor, something we have been planning and working towards for many months. The horses are on good form and looking forward to getting their first run.

Oasby Horse Trials

A good start to the season with all the Novices finishing in the top 6.  Special mentions for the 2 winners: Junior Z  owned by Alex Phillips and Jaeger Master owned by Jennie and Wendy Spiller.

Jaegar Master eventing at Oasby 2020  Junior Z eventing at Oasby 2020


Where is Team Taylor competing this month?

Here are the events and entries –

Lincolnshire – 13th – 15th March 2020

BE100 – Young Officer, SBH Big Wall, Cooley on the Cards, Junior Z, Springwind Cevin

Novice – Alvescot Eivissa, Ambassadors Choice, Billy Buck, Hathaway Whole Lotta Love and Jaegar Master

OI – Serafina, Newmarket Glider, PSH Lava Flow, Call Me Maggie May and Hartacker


Circenester Park – 21st – 22nd March 2020

Novice – Briarlands Sweetango and Romantic

Intermediate – Ballyfore Oh Man, Happy Days and Hello Stranger

OI – Monkeying Around, Artful Trinity, Graf Cavalier and Newmarket Glider


Thoresby Park – 27-29th March                               

Intermediate – Happy Days

OI – Hartacker

Advanced – PSH Lava Flow

CCI-S4* – Call Me Maggie May, Monkeying Around, Artful Trinity, Graf Cavalier


Portman – 31st March – 1st April      

BE100 – Springwind Cevin, SBH Big Wall, Alvescot Eivissa, Young Officer and Jason King

Novice – Jaeger Master, Romantic, Cooley on the Cards, Billy Buck and Junior Z


Keep in touch to see how we fare and where we plan to compete in the coming months.