Team Taylor Join the Spillers and T.E.N Supplement Stable of Riders

I am delighted to announce I am working with SPILLERS® & T.E.N. for the forthcoming season.

“We are very excited to be working with International event rider Izzy Taylor,” said SPILLERS® Brand Manager, Rachel Austin “It’s a privilege to be able to add another talented eventer to our stable of SPILLERS® riders this season. Izzy and her horses are big fans of the brand and our competition nutritionist Sarah Elphick is a key member of the Izzy Taylor Eventing support team. She visits the yard regularly to assess the horses and fine-tune their diets to help them deliver the best possible performance.”

Over the past couple of months Sarah Elphick, has been out to the yard several times to weigh and assess each horse. We have discussed their work load, current feeds and have slowly moved the yard onto SPILLERS®feed complemented with T.E.N supplements. Sarah has also arranged for forage analysis of our haylage and hay, in order to provide the best diet for each horse.

For me it’s been really helpful to have experts to call up upon to discuss the horses and their specific nutritional needs. It’s been especially beneficial while I have been traveling aboard recently. The horses can drop weight after long journeys, and on arrival can sometimes lack energy to perform but with the advice from the excellent nutritionists at SPILLERS® we have been able to use feeds and supplements to support them to best effect. This has made all the difference.

Please have a read of the following feature in Horse & Hound for my most pressing feeding questions – Spillers Diet Q&A with Izzy Taylor