Team Taylor endorses the Avant Compact Tool Carrier

Amongst the busy eventing schedule I have, anything that makes my life easier and to be honest that of my team at home is a god send. We purchased the Avant compact tool carrier in 2013 and it has revolutionised the way we run the yard.

The little Finnish made machine was originally purchased to carry haylage out to the paddocks in winter to replace the slow and tedious use of wheelbarrows. However, having acquired the machine, we soon discovered that it was able to make light work of many other everyday chores around the busy yard, where we currently have some 25 horses I don’t like to count to often.

In particular, the Avant now also tows the arena harrow and vacuum paddock cleaner on a daily basis as well as transporting haylage bales with a spike attachment and unloading feed and bedding deliveries with a set of quick to fit pallet forks. In addition, a standard loader bucket is perfect for general clean-up duties.

“It has become an indispensible member of the team” says Izzy, “And I really don’t know how we managed to cope before it arrived!”

More information from: Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd.,
Tel: 01953 714896

Barry Harber Public Relations Tel: 01284 830492