Stierna Equestrian Sportswear

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear, the Swedish brand, created by joint founders Robert Kos and Helena Strömbäck in 2015, is leading an innovation in sportswear for equestrian athletes, designing garments that ensure riders are able to perform at their peak at all times, whatever the weather.


For the 2017 season the brand welcomes Izzy Taylor international event rider, to its team of sponsored riders and ambassadors.  Robert Kos commented, ‘As a young, growing company, sponsoring Izzy Taylor will be instrumental in communicating the core values of Stierna to both the trade and consumer audiences alike.  Her feedback on the range, along with our other riders’ input, will be influential in future seasons and we constantly evolve the collection in line with our riders’ needs.’


The range includes technical winter outerwear (Stella jacket), fitted over trousers, a lightweight waterproof and breathable Prime 3L Jacket and the new ‘Air’ Jacket a highly reflective, modern Hi-viz jacket with top end capabilities. The three layer thinking of Stierna is an integral part of the approach to ensuring equestrian athletes are comfortable and the perfect temperature, and the base layers, which are designed as competition wear along with mid layering garments work well to provide a comprehensive equestrian sportswear range.


Stierna’s innovative, technical range is designed and developed by dedicated riders and combines specialist knowledge from the sports and outdoor industry to create a range of high quality equestrian sportswear for men and women that allows the athlete to concentrate on their performance.


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