Voltaire Saddles

Volatire Saddles - Izzy Taylor

Voltaire Saddles are the leading French manufacturer of high performance sports saddles. Handmade in France using the finest French leather, Voltaire Design saddles have become renowned for their innovation, comfort and the ability to fully customise each saddle to the horse and rider.

Voltaire Design has fast emerged as one of the most in-demand saddle makers in the United Kingdome and globally are very proud to partner with an array of leading riders, including Izzy Taylor.

Voltaire Design produce saddles for the forward thinking rider who demands style and substance, while prioritising freedom of movement for the horse, together with elegance, durability and customer service.

In addition to eight saddle models for jumping, dressage and cross-country, Voltaire Design also offer bridles, girths, leathers and must have accessories for horse and rider.

Voltaire Design combine comfort and performance for the horse and rider, alongside innovative design to produce saddles that enable every rider to fulfil their potential.

View our full product range online www.voltairedesign.com