Red Horse Rug Clean

Red Horse Rug Clean is a Professional Rug Cleaning Company based in the Midlands. They use industrial equipment, together with many years of expertise, to ensure your Rugs are restored to their full potential.

‘Our Rug Wash and Cleaning rug re-proofing service is fast and reliable. We use industrial washing machines to clean your rugs, numnahs, saddle cloths, bandages, travel boots and even pet bedding. Our commercial washing machines are programmed to achieve the best results for different types of rugs, as well as give an optimum wash that will prolong the life of your rugs.
Once we have washed and inspected your rugs, they are returned to you beautifully clean and folded, in clear polythene bags; perfect to put into storage for the Summer months, or perfectly ready to get straight back into active use.’

They also offer a free collection and delivery service (dependant on location and quantity), and we can also offer a same day turnaround in an emergency. We are lucky at Aldershot Farm that they come on a fortnightly basis to collect the washing and return the clean rugs to ensire the horses are always looking spick and span!

They also offer an extensive range of Repairs carried out by experienced machinists for Rugs and related items, including fixing Rips and Tears, replacing Clasps, new Velcro patches, buckles straps, patch up holes and reattach hoods and more!

For more information please visit their facebook page.

For a personal quote, or further information on the range of services we can provide, please email us at or call us on 01926 642832