Haygain® hay steamers are the only scientifically proven method for purifying hay. 

Haygain’s unique steaming technology is the only scientifically proven method to purify hay and haylage.  The Haygain patented system eliminates respirable dust, including the pathogenic moulds implicated in equine respiratory disorders, thereby helping lung function and optimising performance.   It also kills mould, spores and 96% of bacteria.

The Haygain method uses a patented, proven manifold spike system which pushes steam into the centre of the hay or haylage and ensures all of the hay is steamed fully at temperatures exceeding 100°C.

Steamed hay is ready to feed immediately after steaming cycles of around 60 minutes, depending on the amount of hay.  The complete nutritional value and goodness of your forage are maintained while also increasing palatability.

Trusted by top riders, breeders and trainers, Haygain offers a range of hay steaming units, from the small, portable model, ideal for taking to events, to larger steamers designed for use in major stables and studs.  Cost effective to run and with zero toxic waste water, Haygain steamers are also environmentally friendly.

For a healthier horse, make Haygain steamers part of your feeding routine; it’s Pure Horse Sense!