Equipe is a leading equestrian product brand specialising in the saddles and bridles using the latest technology focusing on comfort and the well being of the horse. In-house craftsmen select finest Italian and French leathers from certified tanneries to ensure quality and sustainability to safeguard the traditional saddlery craft whilst allowing innovation.

Such products as the EK-26 showjumping saddle have been introduced to the UK providing incredibly lightweight carbon fibre and nano technology. Over twenty years’ experience, with attention to quality, technical perfection and attention to detail, together with a constant commitment to research and development, are the combination which has always accompanied Selleria Equipe Saddles on their  road to growth.

Equipe saddles are the result of the dedication of expert hands that skilfully craft selected raw materials. Each individual stage of processing, entrusted to a single person, promotes the specialization of qualified personnel for each specific task, ensuring expertise and professionalism at each step of production and finished product perfection. Only prime choice natural calfskin, drum-tanned in pure aniline, and vegetable-tanned premium leather are selected for the manufacture of Equipe saddles and accessories.

Pictured below: Izzy Taylor & Charlotte Du Jardin with an Equipe saddle

Equipe - Izzy Taylor & Charlotte Du Jardin

For more information on Equipe and their products please visit the website here

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