Rock On

An ever busy week for Team Taylor now we are mid season. This week has been about training with the build up to Tatts next week.

My baby horses were Eventer turned Show jumper with a quick jump around a couple of tracks at Addington on Monday. I am still getting to know a few new ones like Bugsey who joined us at the end of April so these days are essential.

With Tatts on my mind we also took 7 horses XC schooling. I had a couple who need to confirm what they have learnt at competition so taking them back to a laid back schooling session is my way of ensuring a good/better run next time. All the Irish bound horses received new shoes from Team Taylor’s Farrier; Charlie Sands. Star also got a special haircut to ensure we are streamlined for his run at Tatts.

From Fri-Sun Anna and I were at Rockingham HT with 3 Novice, 2 Intermediate, 1 CIC1* and 1 BE100. It is a great event and we had some successes across the classes. Star of the week however has to go to Dennis who came 1st in his 1st ever CIC1*. He has come so far over the winter.

Being an Eventer does not hold the most sociable hours and I really felt this on Friday night when I attended my step father’s 60th birthday party. The early Saturday morning alarm was my hardest moment of this week for sure. I think the dogs must have been at their own rave as Ronald decided to use my dog Rufus as a cushion since Rufus had left no room on the bed for him. With the sleep deprivation, this was Team Taylor’s funniest moment of the week.

We have a 1 day turn around before our trip to Ireland so have decided to fit in some Yogi lessons and the entire team work hard washing and packing the lorry to go again. We also have Victoria Pendleton come to ride which is always fun and have welcomed a work experience pupil in the form of Alwenna.

Off to catch a ferry now.

Izzy x