Owning an event horse can be an immensely rewarding experience.   It can provide great enjoyment as you and your friends as you watch your horse compete in some of the most beautiful eventing venues both in the UK and overseas.

The Ownership Experience

ownership KBIS Starchaser Mrs Meyer Tatts 2013We appreciate that for some owners the joy is in watching their horse compete.  Others get just as much pleasure by coming to visit their horse at the yard and watching a schooling session.  Owning a horse with Team Taylor Eventing means that you can be involved as you would like.



happy ownershipThe great thing about owning an event horse is that you can enjoy watching your horse compete at its first BE100 competition, and as it proceeds up the levels you can see it tackle its first international three-day event, hopefully reach the top levels of international competition. The events also provide the perfect opportunity to meet other like-minded owners, soon you will find it is not just your horse you are supporting!

Team Taylor Eventing owners, many of whom own more than one horse and have been supporting us for a number of years, enjoy the owner experience which we provide as well as the success that Izzy has with all her horses.

Become an Owner

Bugbrooke with Jo Boggan his owner Carlton HT July '14

Without the support of her owners Izzy could not compete as a professional, at Team Taylor Eventing our owners are very much a part of the team, where their horses’ well-being and care always comes first.

Whether you have a horse you would like Izzy to ride, find a horse for you, or you are interested in joint ownership, or syndicates, you can contact her either by phone or email through the Contact Us page.  Then arrange to come out to visit the facilities at Aldershot Farm and meet the team at Team Taylor Eventing.