Get Down

Being home after a period away from the yard is lovely. I get to spend time with the children, catch up with my home team and ride all the horses who were not in Ireland with me. These few days returning to normal mean I am ready to go again for the weekend.

We headed east this time to Little Downham International Horse Trials. 3 days of competition with a wide range of Team Taylor horses. After being battered by the wind and rain on Friday and the wind on Saturday, we had a lovely sunny day on Sunday to round the week off.

I was really impressed with the running of Little Downham. With so many horses to get through 3 phases, the organisers and volunteers were amazing at keeping things running and ahead of time. Very useful when we needed to head home, unpack, repack and go the following day.

It was an especially fun weekend as one of my owners, Joss Riley was competing there on her own horse while I was on some of her others. The team expanded around the lorry park.

I had some young horses achieve some firsts with Princess of Araglen coming 1st at her maiden outing with me and the beautiful Rick going double clear in his first Advanced. All the horses ran well and I am very pleased with my horsepower for the future with these young horses.

It’s time for the grown up horses to prove themselves once again next week when I head to Bramham. I have an exciting opportunity to wear a new trot up outfit kindly arranged by Braces of Harrogate. I look forward to seeing their selection.