Eventing Lockdown

Fred Braves a Haircut

What a difference a month makes! After a positive start to our 2020 Event Season the competition side of it has come to a square halt. From mud to good to firm; from competing to practising; from where next to when again.

It goes without saying this is a tough time for everyone, but I’m going to focus on what I can influence – the horses that are here in training with me, and my own fitness and techniques. As always I am thinking very carefully about getting the balance right between training to improve and over training. We want the horses to come out better, stronger and both mentally and physically happy. It’s a fine balance, and I’ve thought a lot about the year of Foot and Mouth and what I learnt from that. Rest assured here at Aldershot Farm we are doing all that we can to ensure the horses are ready to go as soon as the lockdown ends.

We are all missing the competitions hugely and I am sure you are too!  The horses are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine with some afternoons in the field for many of them.  We all hope to be back competing as soon as it is safe to do so.

Team News

Becca’s back! Those with horses here will be pleased to hear that Becca Ross has returned to work with Team Taylor full time. She will be in charge of the horses’ welfare at home, and supporting them at events this year.

Becca is Back with Team Taylor

Lockdown Activities

Lily's 11th Birthday Fred Braves a Haircut

Lily turns 11 and Fred braves a haircut – if you can clip a horse you can cut hair right?

Stay safe everyone!