The Green Bedding Company

The Green Bedding Company

“The whole team find it really easy to muck out, the muck heap has reduced in size as it degrades so quickly. One of the first things we noticed was that the ammonia odour was cut down significantly! It’s more absorbent than conventional bedding, so it keeps feet dry and doesn’t pack up in a horses foot like shavings. We remove less and find it to be much cleaner, it’s virtually dust free, so NO dusty residues on window ledges or doors thereby reducing respiratory problems.”

About The Green Bedding Company

Based in rural Oxfordshire we are a small, family run company utilising waste materials to create economic, biodegradable, versatile products.

Having witnessed first-hand the amount of cardboard and timber needlessly disposed of each year from retail businesses, building sites and house clearances we identified an opportunity, recycling these wasted products into a variety of carbon neutral, cost efficient animal products. The waste materials are fully cleaned and with all unusable components safely removed.

The benefits of these products speak for themselves. Not only do our products make the most of an otherwise wasted resource but the efficiency of them allows a real saving over time when compared to alternative more traditional products.

The animal bedding products provide a highly absorbent, totally recycled, dust, seed and spore free solution which minimises odours and provides an extremely comfortable and insulating surface suitable for horses, and a whole host of livestock, poultry and domestic animals. The reduced dust content makes for a much more comfortable environment for both animals and owners with respiratory problems. It also drains fluids quickly away to the bottom layer allowing the top layers to stay dry and clean. This also means only the bottom layers need to be removed when cleaning out resulting in less waste and less cost.

Our signature bedding is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional animal beddings.
GreenBed provides a cleaner, healthier environment for a range of animals, game and
poultry. Our state-of-the-art production line allows for recycled cardboard to be cleaned, shredded and dust extracted prior to baling making it virtually dust free, ideal for animals prone to allergies and respiratory conditions. It makes for a warm, springy and cost effective bedding base with excellent moisture management properties.


For more information please contact Deborah Bryant on 01869 233588